Vessel Tracking Solutions


Vessel tracking systems are a voluntary system in which vessels mount a tracking satellite device on the vessel so that their movements, course, speed etc. can be transmitted and analyzed from great distances – of great use in determining whether a ship or boat is in distress and or vectoring rescue assist actually in proximity to a casualty to them in a timely manner.

Honeywell - Osprey Portable Tracker


The Osprey Portable Tracker™ uses the renowned Inmarsat IsatM2M communication platform offering low-cost satellite connectivity with global coverage. It contains an integrated GPS receiver, two-way messaging system, panic button and rechargeable battery. Combined with ViewPoint™, the advanced web-based monitoring application from Honeywell Global Tracking, it is easy to monitor and communicate with remote personnel, no matter how isolated their location.

The Osprey Portable Tracker features up to 450 pre-defined messages that can be customised for specific or generic operational situations, making it ideal for lone-worker applications. Messages are held within a codebook and created within categories for ease of selection.

For example, an “Emergency” cat-egory may contain a message reading “Man Down” associated with informa-tion fields such as “Send Helicopter” or “Send Ambulance”.

Messages from the Osprey go to user- defined addresses within the codebook. This may include individuals, groups or other Osprey users, making it easy to locate and communicate with the near- est Osprey in a group or fleet, or with the control room through ViewPoint.

Positions are reported at user-defined intervals which may vary from two minutes up to every 24 hours. Osprey may also be polled at any time to get a location and status update.

The Osprey has a dedicated panic button that raises an alarm on View-Point, which then sends SMS and e-mail messages to multiple user-defined contacts. The button is recessed and protected by a rubber cover, minimising the possibility of false alarms.

The device is battery powered and can be recharged via the main charger, PC USB port, or in-vehicle using the cigarette lighter adapter. It can be used as a handheld unit or mounted on a vehicle or on a vessel, turning it into a truly portable vehicle tracking device. It offers a stealth mode for silent and low backlight operations for use in hostile areas.

Honeywell - SAT-202 Satellite Terminal


The SAT-202 satellite terminal from Honeywell Global Tracking is a multi-purpose satellite terminal for tracking and monitoring high- value assets like vehicles, vessels, cargo and personnel.

Once assets have been equipped with a SAT-202 terminal and de- ployed in the field, the SAT-202 automatically selects the most ap - propriate satellite and regularly transmits its location and any ad- ditional message data via secure systems.

The SAT-202 terminal can be used in all environments and is fa- vored in remote regions where terrestrial communication cannot be relied upon. Compact in size, the SAT-202 provides global cover- age and can be programmed to send and receive customized data from external sensors – including temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock.

Like many of Honeywell Global Tracking’s terminals, the SAT-202 uses the Inmarsat constellation of satellites and the IsatM2M stan- dard. This connectivity method delivers an affordable and reliable direct-to-desktop information service with fast and easy-to-use message handling.

The SAT-202 terminal has three fully configurable inputs/outputs for sensor monitoring, and one open drain output suitable for driving relays and other indicators. The data-logging function includes GPS positions, transmissions and data for more than 6,500 entries which are accessible locally via the serial port. All transmissions are logged with a record of the time the message was created and if applicable, when it was transmitted.

Honeywell - View Point Application


ViewPoint is an advanced asset monitoring application. It is web-based which means no installation is required and you are always using the latest version. ViewPoint incorporates security protocols to ensure your data is never compromised.

ViewPoint is designed specifically for the security industry and features automated alerts based on user-defined geofencing options, including area violations and route deviation. It is com- pletely scalable and there is no fleet size limit, which means it can support your business no matter how large it grows.

Honeywell Global Tracking products are delivered with standard reporting rates, typically one hour, but you have the flexibility to change these rates over the air using ViewPoint. Depending on the product, the reporting rate may be as frequent as every two minutes or as infrequent as every 24 hours.