Local Coordinating Agent for Weapons


We like to know and make understand for vessel owners and for ship handlers that, the Maldivian Government passed regulations permitting the transit of armed on board security personnel via Male for merchant and private vessels with facility to store weapons and equipment in Male, the Maldivian Ministry of Defense & National Security appointed several Local Coordinating Agents to represent and coordinate the activities of maritime security teams and weapons in vessels.
According to regulation, all merchant and private vessels if they have safety weapons they have to get permission before 24 hours of embark and disembark to/from Maldives. And if the vessel is boarding or crossing with a radius of 12 miles of capital Male’ they have to allocate a local coordinating agent to declare the weapons to the Ministry of Defense & National Security of Maldives. And if it is going to board within 12 miles radius of capital Male’ than the weapons have to bring under the Ministry of Defense & National Security of Maldives. And according to the regulation there are the fees associated with such services. And related services or activities have to be done by a local coordinating agent registered in Maldives, Ministry of Defense & National Security.
Our company is a Local Coordinating Agent. So if you need any assistance we are happy to serve you.