Business Or Company Verification(DUE- DILIGENCE)

We offer businesses or company verification service in Maldives, and our network covers some overseas countries.

The feature of our, company verification service tailor-made for foreign individuals, companies or organizations that those who want be a partner, who want do business, or those who are willing to give funds or loans. We not only verify whether the company is real or trustworthy, but also we will give our customer suggestions.

We will handle all your work to check a business, check a company or sole business in Maldives. We provide the best service at business verification, company verification and sole business verification in Maldives and we have the pride to say that we are first party or company in the Maldives to provide this service.

Specially those foreign workers who are willing to come and do jobs in Maldives, it will be benefit to you to check the company, and you will know if it is legitimates or fake.