Cooperate Rights Infringement Watch Service (Trade Marks / Logos Watch Service)

Trade Marks / Logos Watch Service

You spend time, money and effort on selling your brands in the market place. To further boost sales, you allocate big budgets for your brands promotions and advertisements. But later you discover your brand/ Logo / Trade Mark has been copied by counterfeit manufacturers. They now reap the rewards of ringing cash registers-depriving you, the real owner, of your rightful dues.

As it is true anywhere in the world, the Asia countries have recently been targets for distribution of fake brands by these counterfeit manufacturers. They have captured a significant share of the market by providing a product that in the name and packaging is deceptively similar to the original and has a price advantage.

OUR UNIQUE SERVICE GUARANTEE YOU OF FAST RESPONSE of illegal use of your trademarks, Logos, patents etc… The business of locals, foreign partners, importers and exporters of internationally recognized name brands are threatened by increasing competition from counterfeit goods that flood the market. Knowledge of the rights of registered owners of the name brands and the enforcement of trademark, patent and design law can help prevent these counterfeit goods being imported.

To assist our clients safeguard their interests and protect market share, the TRADE MARKS / LOGOS WATCH SERVICE was introduce by us. This department is run by a qualified intelligence staffs that can identified and informing our local and foreign clients in the Maldives or overseas, if any person or groups illegally use of your marks in Maldives.